So you have dreams…now what??

For the most part, we all leave high school and college dreaming of grandeur and fantastic and purposeful lives. We are quickly given a reality check, as life interrupts and we suddenly find ourselves left in a world that seems uncertain and at times scary. Searching and looking for security, we grab on to what appears safe and known, and so we follow the crowed day in and day out, just going through the motions and dreaming of a day, where we will finally be able to reach these once forgotten dreams.

Well, the reality is that perhaps as children and even grown adults, we are encouraged far more than needed. We are taught to dream, but not the steps necessary to gain the character building qualities needed to achieve them. Perhaps we should have been taught more about taking purposeful actions and perseverance. Today’s post is a video blog, please check it out! I hope it inspires someone to just leap….while strap to a parachute, of course.


Being Boss




It has been a long hiatus guys, but I am finally back! So what has happened in the past year, you ask? Too much. Mayah and I have moved and are back to living on our own, which has been really nice. We now have a new dog named Winston and we have ventured into growing a garden. Life as usual, continues to be eventful. All these new changes have given me lots to post about and I am very excited to hear from you all in return. I would love to get feedback from you all on what topics interest you and what project/diy’s you would like to see. Hope to hear from yall!